Dongtai Dongri Stainless Steel Products Factory
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Product Category
Standard Category
DIN 125-1-1990
DIN 125-2-1990
DIN 9021-1990
GB 852-1988
GB 853-1988
GB 854-1988
GB 855-1988
GB 96-1985
GB 97-1976
GB /T 5287-1985
GB /T 848-2002
GB /T 96.1-2002
GB /T 96.2-2002
GB /T 97.1-1985
JB /ZQ 4760-2006

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Mobile Phone: +86-18452550700/13584781700
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 About Us
Dongtai Dongri Stainless Steel Products Factory is a professional fastener manufacturer based on stamping process. The company is mainly engaged in stainless steel and all kinds of special alloy material mattress, square mattress, backstop washer and various standard parts, non-standard stamping parts, special-shaped parts.

Dongtai Dongri Stainless Steel Products Factory is located in the core position of China's stainless steel fastener production base. The company's products are involved in civil, nuclear power, military, photovoltaic, aerospace, shipping, chemical and other fields. Since more than 20 years of practice, the company has been growing steadily. The company covers an area of 12 mu, four production workshops and more than 40 sets of production machines. The company upholds the tenet of "winning the market by quality" and the principle of "credit first", and the products are sold far at home and abroad. Warmly welcome customers to call and negotiate.